When Should You Hire a Franchise Attorney?

Many people who want to own businesses choose to purchase franchises. For many people, opening a franchise is simply easier than starting from scratch. Once you’ve found the perfect franchise opportunity, you might think that all you have left to do is sign a few papers and exchange money, but the truth is, you must do so much more to successfully open a franchise.

Speaking to a franchise attorney could be one of the best steps that you take to protect your newfound franchised business. The need for this attorney isn’t always there immediately, but having an attorney on your side now eliminates headache later down the road. There are also a few instances in which a lawyer is needed when you begin the business. This includes:

  • When You Need an Expert: The Franchise Disclosure Document is given to all franchisees before they’re the proud owner. The book is almost 200 pages in length, covering many topics of importance to you. The book has a lot of information for you, and much of it may be hard to decipher without an attorney.
  • Set-up Matters: Setting your new franchise up can be another challenge for many new up and coming business owners. There’s many things that you need to know when opening your new business. How should you start? The attorney ensures that you handle the crucial matters correctly.
  • Problems: Although we hope our new business is successful, sometimes unforeseen problems arise that need legal expertise to remedy. For such instances, the attorney provides a great service to you. An attorney can prevent your business from going south in the event of a lawsuit or other mishap.
  • You Don’t Need a Lawyer: If you are told a lawyer isn’t needed to handle the franchise deal, this is the first sign that you do, in fact, need a franchise attorney to help you through matters.