Key Things to Consider After Sustaining a Personal Injury in Jacksonville

It could happen to anyone, you are minding your business and all of sudden you are injured and unable to work. The amount of time you have available to file a claim for compensation may be limited so it would be wise to find the best personal injury lawyer Jacksonville has to offer. This is probably your first time hiring a personal injury lawyer so it helps to have a game plan established before you do anything else.

Selecting the Right Personal Injury Attorney

  • Does the prospective lawyer work solely on personal injury cases or do they work in different faculties of law? You should deal exclusively with lawyers that focus solely on personal injury cases. These cases are quite complex so you need an attorney that is able to focus on your case without distractions.
  • How long has the attorney been working with personal injury cases? The longer the attorney has been working in this industry the more experience they will have. Along with the total amount of experience the lawyer has you should also look at their track record. What you want to focus on is the total number of cases that settled out of court. If your case goes to trial it may take a considerable amount of time before you receive any compensation so give preference to the attorneys that are able to settle out of court.
  • What is the fee structure and will the lawyer work on contingency? Contingency is when the lawyer only receives compensation if they can successfully secure a cash award for you. This ensures the attorney is working hard on your case. It would not be wise to deal with an attorney that is asking for cash up front.

After you have worked through these variables you should be able to identify the personal injury lawyer that is going to best represent your interests.